Help Dogger walk again

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This is Dogger, a dog like so many. Dogger might be 7 years old. A good age for a dog, you might say. But Dogger can barely walk. He's in a lot of pain, and spends much of the day lying in his basket. Even though not all that long ago, he used to love joining his owner on endless walks through the woods. 

The reason? Dogger has end-stage arthritis in both of his hind legs.

Seeing that Dogger has arthritis in two legs, and suffers from a lot of pain, treatment options are limited. It is highly likely that Dogger will have to be put to sleep... 

 ... unless, of course, a new treatment for end-stage arthritis proves successful. 


Joint distraction as a new treatment 

Joint distraction is a promising new technique, used to treat end-stage arthritis in human patients. Five years post-treatment, patients continue to report clinical improvement. The researchers at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University, now want to apply joint distraction in dogs, because they believe it'll help Dogger, and many more dogs just like him, to walk again. 

Friends of VetMed want to help them achieve their goal. Help us so we can help dogs like Dogger!